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Learn to link the changing line to the resulting hexagram in I-ching

Sent: 2018-08-14 14:43:02

Hi, We just wrote a paper dealing with a very difficult task: the linking of the meaning of a changing line to that of the resulting hexagram. If you asked a question and the oracle answers with a changing line, you must match the meaning of the line's text with the one of the name and the Judgment's text of the resulting hexagram. How do you do this? This paper shows you how to complete this task, starting from a real example of consultation. You may order it from https://www.taopage.org/hints_link.html. Enjoy. Sarah Way of Perfect Emptiness http://www.taopage.org -- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters from us, you may unsubscribe by following this link: [UNSUBSCRIBE] Forward this message to a friend by clicking this link: [FORWARD]
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