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Lao Tzu and Tao Te Ching Guide

Sent: 2013-04-27 19:25:50

Hi, Interested in Tao Te Ching meaning? Need someone to explain its main concepts such us tao, wu, wu-wei, and more? We offer a 10-lesson email course as a guide to the beginner to Tao Te Ching. Plus bonus, quiz and online assistance! There's also a discounted price of only $12. (Limited time offer!!). Checkout at: http://www.taoisminfo.com/courses.html Please note that the course is assisted by Master Jhian (from the Way of Perfect Emptiness) and you may have a PDF version too. You may start right now! Regards, Lynn Way of Perfect Emptiness http://www.taopage.org-- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters from us, you may unsubscribe by following this link: [UNSUBSCRIBE] Forward this message to a friend by clicking this link: [FORWARD]
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