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Tao-te ching beginners guide

Sent: 2013-10-24 09:26:55

Hi, The complete beginners guide to the meaning of Tao-te ching is now available with the assistance of Master Jhian. Should you need any further explanation, you'll be given within one day!!! If you like this masterpiece book but need help with the meaning of the basics - tao, yin-yang, wu, wu-wei and more - this guide (a 12-lesson course delivered through email) is for you. Check it our at http://www.taopage.org/lao_tzu.html [If the above link doesn't work just copy and paste it in your browser address field and hit Go or Enter.] Regards, Lynn Way of Perfect Emptiness http://www.taopage.org-- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters from us, you may unsubscribe by following this link: [UNSUBSCRIBE] Forward this message to a friend by clicking this link: [FORWARD]
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